Phone Tracking Software: A Guide


  Getting robbed is very common now a day. Especially with gadgets like phones, laptops, computers, and televisions. But the most common cases of robbery are phones. There are different ways to snatch a phone, either by snatching it while the owner is taking a call while walking or while standing in public; stealing it from openly unattended bags or purses; and robbing it while threatening the owner. Some even snatch phones easily in the owner's pocket while walking without the owner's knowledge. But today, because of technology, and new inventions of software applications, all these situations can be avoided. A lot of software companies today have created different types of software for different types of phones brands that are capable of tracking lost or stolen phones. Here are a few of the software available for tracking lost or stolen phones.


1.  Find My Phone - When you buy a phone, you will be able to see software automatically installed in your phone which is the find my phone or find phone. This software is automatically installed by apple to help owners track their phones when it is stolen or when it is lost. This can be done by letting a friend or a family who also has a phone, track the owner's phone by simply tracking the registered phone's GPS location. You may visit website to learn more.


2.  Storage Software - An application also developed by a technology company. Though this software is not commonly or mainly intended for tracking lost or stolen phones, the software has a feature which is capable of locating a phone whenever the thief mistakenly uploads or accesses the storage software of the stolen phone. An incident which would make a good example of this is a crew member of a cruise ship takes a picture using a lost phone though his intentions were not to steal it. His picture popped up on the storage software of the owner of the phone which can be accessed using a computer or a laptop.


3.  GPS - Another big technology company also have a lot of phone tracking software. Users of this specific brand can use the GPS feature of the specific brand of phone to track phones which are lost or stolen. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. Whenever a user posts update statuses or photos on social media


There are more software developed by different software developers that are capable of tracking lost or stolen phones. You can search for them or buy them at play stores or application stores online. You can even have a technician install software for you.